1st international Workshop on Plasma Cryo Etching Processes


The first International Workshop on Plasma Cryogenic Etching Processes (PlaCEP) will be held at Hotel Dupanloup in Orleans, France, May 26-28, 2021.


Scope of the conference :

The workshop PlaCEP is a gathering of enthusiastic scientists and engineers in the field of cryogenic etching of semiconductor-based materials using e.g. SF6, HBr or Cl2-plasma chemistry at temperatures below -10°C. It includes the modelling, simulation and/or experimental (atomic layer) etching of conventional materials like silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, indium phosphide and emerging materials (2D materials like graphene or MoS2), but also its oxide and nitride ceramic compounds. Furthermore, research activities on e.g. porous low-k materials (such as organosilicate glasses) – where cryogenic adsorption and subsequent etching is beneficial or the study of reactive gases (and physisorbed self-assembled monolayers SAMs) that only adsorb on the to-be-etched materials at low temperatures – are encouraged to join. Finally, studies on low-damage and high-selective plasma process, the formation of cryogenic dust plasmas or black silicon surfaces that benefit from cryogenic conditions are highly welcomed.

A large part of the workshop will be dedicated to discussions about last requirements on nanofabrication issues that cryogenic processes could address.




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